Thursday, September 27, 2012

Learning with Technology

Students at Tok School this year are having more opportunities than ever before to learn about and with technology.

Last year the school began offering a technology skills class just for the middle school students - this was new, and was pretty successful.  Some of those students, now in high school, as well as older high school students, expressed interest in being able to do more with technology, but last year we didn't have much in the way of tech offerings at all.

That has all changed this year - the middle school tech course is still offered, and in the high school, students can also take Logo Programming, Entrepreneurial Technology, and Digital Publishing - all tech intensive courses. Also, students looking for credit recovery can still take those through online A+ courses, but we've expanded those offerings as well in a class called Online Academy.  Students taking recovery credits through A+, as well as students taking other online courses for credit during that period. Students can get one-on-one help from the teacher, as well as help contacting their online teachers.  Students set up a course completion schedule at the beginning of the year, to ensure they stay on track of meeting their goals to complete their course. This has opened up lots of different course and learning options for Tok's high school students.

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