Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring is Here!

Warmer weather, melting snow, sunny days - spring is finally coming to our part of Alaska!  We have just finished 3rd quarter and have 2 months to go before summer is here for students!  This past quarter, students have made a lot of accomplishments in technology.  Check out some of the kids' blogs to see examples of special effects like lip-syncing and green screen, and cool art documentaries.

Middle school students have also been learning about propaganda in visual media.  Trying to discern what part of the truth they are seeing in advertisements and videos can be tough, but the kids know that above all, they shouldn't be GULLIBLE and believe everything they see and hear.  The students learned about some propaganda techniques and even made their own videos that utilize some of those techniques.  Check them out on the blogs!

Laptops are useful for hiding behind as 7th graders give Savannah the stare-down!

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