Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tok Junior High Student Council

On Wednesday, October 28, all of the junior high students of Tok School gathered in the library during assembly period to discuss some ideas for a junior high student council. Up until now, junior high classes have elected class representatives to sit on the student council, but were not allowed to run for offices as those were reserved for high school students. Junior high students have felt that they have not had much of a voice in the affairs of student council.

So after some good class discussions and discussions with the whole group of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, it was decided that each class would nominate some of their existing officers to serve on a new Tok Junior High Student Council.

The new members gathered together and agreed to elect their own officers for our start up "board". The new officers are as follows:
President - Molly Bears, 7th grade
Vice President - Chloe Helmer, 7th grade
Secretary - Noelle Helmer, 8th grade
Treasurer - Cole Johnson, 8th grade
Representative to high school student council - Thomas Ervin, 8th grade
Board of Directors (voting members of the council):
Taylor Harbison, 7th grade
Rachel McQuillin, 7th grade
David Simmons, 6th grade
Collin Carlson, 6th grade

The junior high student council will have monthly meetings, and will discuss new ideas for junior high students like activity nights, formal dances, and other fun things.

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